To get married or not to get married, this is the question

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Hi, I’m WangHe

Hi, this is Hideki.


And my name is Emi.

Welcome to our show.

As we all know, life isn’t easy, and everyone want to live happier.

Yeah, that’s why we made a survey about marriage.

Right, marriage could be one of the most important events in one’s life.

So, let’s check out what we got.

OK, we surveyed 15 people from different country.

Most of them are in their 20s.

And 3 of them have been married.

We found a quarter of the singles don’t want to have a steady relationship now.

But only one of them didn’t want to get married.

Wow, it’s interesting!

Yeah, let’s see what do they think about “marriage”.

One third of the fifteen people think marriage means commitment.

And two think it means happiness.

Oh, what about the others?

One Chinese thinks marriage is like coated pills, it’s sweet at first, and then…

Got bitter?


Oh I see, he is the one who didn’t want to get married.

No, he thinks marriage is good for people, as coated pills. Our confirmed bachelor is this one.

Which one?

The one who think marriage is oppression.


And he is a Frenchman.

Don’t Frenchmen want to get married?

I don’t know. The other Frenchman who took this survey think marriage is harmony.

Um, I like his idea. And, here are the others’ opinions, complex, trust, family, and awareness.

Are you interested about why they want or wanted to get married or not?

Of course, yes.

It’s interesting because many of the Asians think to get married is because of their family, and society. Like everyone around me is married, so I should too.

They think it’s a duty.

Yeah, and though the Europeans and Americans gave us many different questions, four of fifteen people think marriage is for love. And one fifth of the fifteen people think they get or got married, because of timing.

You know what, I like the coated pills idea. It’s interesting and I think it’s true.

Um, that’s really interesting. People are thinking in different ways, it’s certain but surprising.

Yeah, but no matter people get married for commitment or love or something else, they think marriage is good for their life.

Right, and this conclusion goes beyond the culture difference.

Marriage makes life happier, but it really means responsibility.

Yeah, when you got married, you’re not living just for yourself.

Family problems are always profound. Especially, when it is about children. Let’s see Misato’s opinion.

(Misato’s I believe)

Wow. I think the number of selfish children has increased because children haven’t been disciplined by their parents when they do wrong.

And I think parents should have responsibility. If they have responsibility, this problem may not happen.

You’re right. The parents should be more responsible in training their children.

We see, it’s one of marriage ‘s meaning.

That’s why some don’t want to get married.

Maybe they feared to take responsibility.

Time goes fast. It’s the time to say goodbye.

I hope you can get fun from our show.

See you next time.

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