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Cute fashion and interview

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
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Hi!!This is Narumi,Kaho and Hanako. 

We read of “Happpiness” by Shin.This story is a man who got cancer.But he had recover from serious cancer.His recovery was a miracle.He recover cancer because his family did not give up.So, we think family have of the family’s love.Love has strong power of medicin.we believe to family’s love. 


And we did interview to 20 people about “What kind of fashion do you like?”. 



My hometown

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
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 Hi, my name is Kaho. Thank you for coming this show. I would like to introduse about my hometown’s specoal day. there are many interesting obon events in Japan, but my hometown uncommon has exciting obon event. Let’s start!


 First, I introduse about my hometown. My hometown is Ishigaki island in Okinawa. It has many delicious food, many rare animals, and beautiful oceans. So “Kabira bay” is famous sightseeing place. 


My hometown’s obon has very fun event and every important in my area. Do you know “Shishimai”? “Shishimai” is a traditional folk enterstainment by ancestors. Moving mouth into yard means a talisman at misfortune and praying health. So, it respects from ancestoes. There is shishimai at midnight every year and people is very fun for next year.

 Have you enjyoued this show? My hometown has big nature, Shishimai. Please come to Ishigaki island.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
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 Do you know about Sloveina? Have you been to Bled? Can you guess what coutry all these are connected to?

Hi, my name is Hiroya and Kaho. We will introduce Slovenia to you on this show. We will be talking about basic facts, tourist attraction, and Word cup. We hope you enjoy the show.

Basic facts


Slovenia is west of Europe. There is Australia at the north of slovenia and Italy at the west of it. Slovenia becomes independent from Yugoslavia Union in 1991 and belongs to the EU. Ryubrina is the capital of Slovenia. The time differene between Tokyo and Ryubrina is eight hours. Slovenia has a population of 2.000.000 and 2.0000 kilometers. It has as same as country of Sikoku island.  Almost all of people believe in the Cross. Besides they have a good reputation. They take after japanese in that they are fond of diligent. Pepole usually speak in Sloven or English.

Tourist attraction (more…)

I believe in power of the music

Monday, June 7th, 2010
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 Do you believe in power of the music? I believe music can cure illness.

 Resently, many hospitals and therapists are using music therapy to help sick people. The famous Greek mathematician, Pythagoras said, “music can heal the disorder of a perosn’s spirit.” I think this is true.

   For example, have you heard of the ‘Mozart effect’? The music of Mozart is effective because it includes high frequency which helps a living body functions. In particular, it has frequencies more than 3,500Hz. This helps the brain classical music is an effective musical therapy.

 Also music therapy helps autism. Moreover, it extends cancer patient’s life and helps sleeplessness. Finally, I think that music is important because I can relax when I listen to music. And it is comfortable. I hope sick people recovers with it.

 This is why I believe in the power of music.

Interview with Wang He

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
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Interview with Wang He.

I asked about music or movies.


Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
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 Hello. My name is Kaho Takaesu. Pleas call me “Kaho”. I’m from  Isigaki island, Okinawa. I have lived in Sgamihara for one year. I belonged to Handball Club in my high school. I like to play soccer and basketball now.

  My hobby is listening to music and wacthing movies and sleeping. I like wacthing sports games. For example soccer games, basketball games and baseball game. But as for baseball game I only wacth “Kushien” . My fevorite singer is Nisino Kana and Shimizu Syouta. They are very cool and have a nice voice. My favorite food is yaeyama-soba, okonomiyaki and sushi.

 I will study hard in obirin university beccause I want to become a English teacher. I hope to dreams come true.

Thank you!