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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
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Hello, I’m Hiroya.

I will introduce “Fuefuki’s fireworks” in Yamanashi. It is my hometown .

The famous event everyone knows is a fireworks event. Especially, Fuefuki’s firework is very beautiful. This year’s fireworks display will be the 57 time.  A lot of people come to it. The event will take place in August 21. I go to it with my family or friends every year.  It usually starts at 7:30. Besides, there are a lot of booths in fireworks event hall. So, i think we can enjoy it a lot.

If you don’t have a play for a trip in summer vacation,  i advise you to go to Yamanashi and fuefuki’s fireworks display. You will feel the beauty of the fireworks.

Thank you for reading. Bye.


Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
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 Do you know about Sloveina? Have you been to Bled? Can you guess what coutry all these are connected to?

Hi, my name is Hiroya and Kaho. We will introduce Slovenia to you on this show. We will be talking about basic facts, tourist attraction, and Word cup. We hope you enjoy the show.

Basic facts


Slovenia is west of Europe. There is Australia at the north of slovenia and Italy at the west of it. Slovenia becomes independent from Yugoslavia Union in 1991 and belongs to the EU. Ryubrina is the capital of Slovenia. The time differene between Tokyo and Ryubrina is eight hours. Slovenia has a population of 2.000.000 and 2.0000 kilometers. It has as same as country of Sikoku island.  Almost all of people believe in the Cross. Besides they have a good reputation. They take after japanese in that they are fond of diligent. Pepole usually speak in Sloven or English.

Tourist attraction (more…)

I believe in smile

Sunday, June 6th, 2010
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I think it is important in our life to smile. And it make one’s presence felt. I want to talk about my experience.

 First of all, I  practice rugby every day. Sometimes, i feel down to do hard training.  For example, when i run for long time. It is very hard for me. Because i am not good at running a long distance. But, it is no use feeling down forever. So when  i  have a trying time, i try to smile. Because, i think i can overcome  a hard time and cheer everyone up. if  you felt down, i want you to smile. Besides,  if my friends were to be in a feeling down, i would like to amuse them with joke. Maybe, They will laugh at me impression. I think we sometimes need to joke in our daily life. It is also important.

 Thirdly, my friends told me that  when they met me at first, i seemed to have a severe look. From then that day on, i try to smile. In order not to give a bad impression, you are careful, too.

I think to smile greatly enlivens our lives.


Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Hello, My name is Hiroya Iijima. I am 19 yeas old. I have lived in Yamato city for one year. I belong to the rugby team in oberin university.

 I have a good point and a  bad point. Good point is i am a nice guy. Bad point is my English skills. So, i will study hard.

My hoby is listening to music and playing the drum. I usually listen to UK rock , and I use my ipod every day. My favorite artists are Arctic monkeys and Muse from England. It is important for my daily life to listen to their music.