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Test Information and Audio

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Here are the audios that will be used in your Final Test.

1.Please come to class 10 minutes early!

2. Check which group you are in (1, 2, 0r 3)

3. Listen to the audios before the test and get ready to make comments about it on your final tests

Group 1 (audio 1, audio 2, audio 3, audio 4)

Hanako  / He  /  Taehoon  /  Lin  /  Mizuki  /  Yuta  /  S. Emi

Group 2 (audio 5, audio 6, audio 7, audio 8)

Natsuko  /   Reina  /   Yuri  /   Chisa  /   Hiroya  /   Narumi  /  K. Emi

Group 3 (audio 9, audio 10, audio 11, audio 12)

Momoko  /  Shin  /   Kaho  /   Akane  /   Hideki  /   Misato

Information about the test can be found below.

PART I (40 minutes)

1.    First, listen to the interview that the teacher chose for you. Think about these things:
a.    What was the topic?
b.    Who is talking?
c.    Think of an interesting way to introduce the topic.
1.    Second, record (more…)

Sun-soaked Island of Love

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
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Cyprus Worksheet – Download, listen to the podcast above and try!

Have you heard of Nicosia? Do you know about Aphrodite? Have you ever eaten halloumi? Can you guess what country all these are connected to?

Hi. My name is Damon. Welcome to this country spotlight. I’d like to introduce Cyprus to you on this show. Cyprus is a beautiful island with lots of history that lies in the Mediterranean Sea. I’ll be talking about a few basic facts, some history and Cypriot cuisine. Let’s start.

A Few Facts


Some interviews from the second lesson

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Last week some students finished their first recordings. They chose a topic, prepared some questions, practiced and then recorded an interview. Here are two.

Listen and make a note of the questions and answers.

Also fill in the feedback form your teacher gives you.

Mizuki interview Emi

Kaho interviews Wang He