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Hello everyone, I’m Wang He. I feel lucky because I can study English in Damon’s class with my classmates who also chose it. It’s a happy English class, we can practise our English by making podcasts. It’s wonderful,isn’t it?

And…em…let me start my self introduction. My name is Wang He. I’m a chinese girl. I came to Japan to continue my school life. I like reading books, listening to music, watching movies, drawing comics…and so on. You see, I’m the kind of person who is always intersted in many things. Many people think it’s better to have only one or two hobbies. They think people like me just means no hobby. But I can’t agree with them. If you have many hobbies, you can talk with many people much easier. And, as we know, hobbies can teach us a lot. There is knowledge everywhere, and to learn more is always better. People be born into the world to learn things and have fun from it, it’s what I believed.

I said a lot, but it seems like I didn’t say many thing about myself. But,is there any way better than to know a person by talking with him or her? And, I think you can know something about me by what I said.

See you.

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  1. laden :) says:

    Hi Wang he :) l’m Laden. l’m from north Cyprus and l’m a cypriot girl. l’m 18 years old. how old are you ? you didn’t say your age :). l learn some information about your self so l feel good. my hobbies are doing puzzle , go out side with my friends, folk dance and modern dance. l like dancing so much. when l dancing , l feel very happy and free. what do you think about dancing ? do you like dance ?. l’m study at eastren mediterranean university. l’m in my first year at university. nice to meet you :) .

    l hope to hear from you soon :))

  2. laden :) says:

    l forgot to say l love your draw. you are very creative :)

  3. wanghe says:

    Hi, Laden, glad to get your message. I’m 20 years old, so, it’s my third year at university.
    I like doing puzzle, too. And, I also like dancing though I can’t dance well. I used to learn a little Latin Dance, but I think I’ve almost forgotten how to dance.
    No matter how, I still would like to see the others dancing. I think dance is beautiful. It’s the beauty of life in full bloom.

    Glad to get your message, again.
    I hope we can know each other better, and to be good friends. (^o^)/

  4. wanghe says:

    And, I’m so happy that u could like the draw.
    Thank you~you’re so sweet~~~>_<?

    Do you like anime and cartoon?
    Maybe it looks a little jejuneness, but I really like them.
    And, you told me that you like doing puzzle. So, do you like whodunit ?I love them so much.(*^_^*)

  5. laden says:

    hii wanghe :) l used to done latin dance 2 years ago but now lm just dancing modern ,hip hop and jazz . latin dance is very difficult but its very enjoyable l think so :). why did you stop latin dance ?
    l also dance is beautiful . dance is my life :)
    l really like your draw :) yes l like cartoon .. what is the meaning of jejunenes :)?? children like watch cartoon but l like too :):) you told me that you like whatcing movies and listening to music . what kind of do you like music and movies ?

  6. wanghe says:

    Hey~Laden, glad to receive your message, again. (^_^)/
    I stopped latin dance because I became busy to prepare the tests and the other things. You know, if one want to study abroad, there must be lots of things he or she have to prepare. And when I got everything OK, I found I almost forget how to dance. Because in fact, at that time, I just had been learned latin dance for 3 months. I really admire you, because dance is an amazing way to show oneself.
    What kinds of music or movies do I like? I like pop, rock, classic ,and country music.Some times, I also listen to the other kinds of music like jazz.(^_^)/ And, I like mystery movies more. But I also like romantic movies like “Gone with the wind” and “Roman Holiday”. Movies like “The lord of rings” are also my favorite.
    You see, I just like what I described myself, I’m interested in many things. Because the world is wonderful. (*>_<*)

    I'm really happy you like my draw. I think, if you'd like to, I can show you my other draws.
    And, I love the goddess Aphrodite, I have read some stories about her, but not enough. Would you like to tell me the stories about her in your country?
    By the way, I'm pisces. It's an honor to me because Aphrodite is the tutelary god of pisces.

  7. wanghe says:

    I have heard about that you will have examinations these days.
    I wish you have a good luck.
    And, I’m respecting your messages.

  8. laden says:

    hii honey … lm so soryy for late to message .. lm very busy these days because l have a examinations and dance show so l always study and going to dance . lm sory to have kept waiting. how are you ? everything is ok ?
    l like romantic movies too :) ” my sassy girl” and ” listen to your heart ” . ?f you didnt watch , you ought to watch these movies :) they are very beautiful l think so :) and of course ” the lord of rings” wooww ?t ?s so fantastic its very nice .
    of course l want to see your other draws :) plz show meeee :):):)
    and when l finish my exams , l promise you , l tell you the stories about aphrodite ok ? :)
    lm sorry for late message again .. take care .. l will wait your message and of course your draws :) xxx

  9. wanghe says:

    Glad to receive your message~
    I’m OK. Life is busy, but interesting. But, yeah, maybe I’m a little homesick, because I’ve left my hometown for almost a year.

    And, I’ve watched the movie “my sassy girl”, I like it, too.
    I send the new pic to your e-mail, hope you like it.

    And, good luck!!!

  10. laden says:

    :) thank you for your present :) ?ts so cute l like it soo much :) lm really happy :)

    when will you back home ? l understand how you feel ..

    what time of day of birth ? my birthday is 18 june 1991 :) so 2 days a later my birthday :):) and your picture is my present for your :):) xxx

    and thank you for your wishes hopefully l will past my exams , lm very scare :s

  11. wanghe says:

    Really? Great~~~
    I should write “Happy Birthday” on it. \(^_^)/
    I’ll go back home on August~I can’t wait for it~~~

    My birthday is Mar. 6th.
    I feel proud for my pic because you like it~

    Today is your birthday, Happy birthday~~~~!!!!!

  12. laden says:

    :) thank you .. xxx

    so you will go home only 2 monts :) its short time dont worry about the time will past faster 😉 yes l like so much your picture and l showed my boyfriend also he liked it :) have you got a boyfriend?

  13. wanghe says:

    Thank you for your message!
    But I think I can in home for only a month. (ToT)
    I’d like to hear that both of you like it .

    And have I got a boyfriend…(>_<)
    Now, no. (LOL)

    What about the weather in your place? I've listened Damon's podcast, I guess it will be beautiful!
    Let's share some pics!!!
    I'll send you some pics this weekend. I shot them in Japan.
    And I really want to see the scene in Cyprus.

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