How to have a great life!

A very positive topic from this team. I wonder if they have any good advice on how to have a great life? I’m sure they do.



Hi, How’s it going?

This is Hiroyuki and Kanna and Megumi.

Today we’re gonna have a discussion, intervew and restaurant review.

our topic is ?How to have a great life? Here we go. Buckle up!


What do you need to have a great life?

Well, in my opinion, we should hang out in lost of places with lots of friends.

Yes, exactly!! After graduation, we won’t have enough time to go somewhere. So now is the best time. But actually we spend lots of money so we should get a part-time job. Work hard and play hard. How about you, Kanna?

Well, after graduatio, if I become a teacher I’d be really happy. I think it’s more important for me to do something I want to do than to get a high salary or easy work. And relation with my friends is very important. I’m always helped and supported by my friends. Friends are necessity. So, I want to have good relation.

And I want to have many parties with my friend and their families. How about you, Hiroyuki?

I want to be a Rock’n roolar. But, I think to find a good job is also important for our life. We need a high salary and good holidays because agood work balance creates a happy life.

My dream is to have a good family. I want to marry a perspn who doesn’t smoke and after a few years I’ll have two children. Being healthy is also important for a happy life.

And also, I think having lots of hobbies is important. After I retire from my job I want to live in the country as a farmer. I hope I can be self-sufficienty.

You’re right!! After I’m married I want to go to cooking school, and gym and so on.

Yes, do something that you can enjoy! How about other people? Let’ go out side.



M: Hi, T
T: Hi.
M: What is great life for you?
T: Well, mm… great life for me, right now, I wanna you know great it the university. After that, I wanna have a good job. In spend, get marry and have three kids with two boys and one girl. So that is my great life.
M: Mm… So, what do you want to do in the future?
T: Well, I have lots of dreams in the future, you know. But, for right now, I wanna have my own business. For example, I wanna run way own hotel, and I wanna have a café restaurant. For example, Japanese restaurant, oh Laos restaurant, If I can afford it. An… there is in why in around this kind of you know, late it entertainment business. It’s late. I love seen people happy, and I love seen people you know smiling, and that’s things I doing my future.
M: thank you for your time.
T: I know worry.

M: Hey, Yuka
Y: Hallow.
M: What is great life for you?
Y: What is great life for me. I have great life has three elements. The first is eating my favorite foods?with somebody idle wary care. That makes be happy. And second is smile. That is very important in my life. I had a chop in the morning. And I pod. Sometimes one smiling mean more than a thousand (). And I realize house miles is important everyone. And house miles can make happiness to me. And I last day, great life is delight for myself. Do or ever really want without carry what other people thing or what reuse I’m gonna have in the future. Just to what ever I’m really want to do enough. That is my great life.
M: So, what do you want to do in the future?
Y: what do you want to do in the future… am.. I want to travel man abroad. And I want to study again. Someway, like a America, learning a Spanish making many friends, meeting a lot of the people, meeting new culture. And from though experiences I want to do make documentaries. That’s I wanna do in the future.
M: Good.
Y: Thank you
M: Thank you for your time.
Y: Thank you.

[restaurant review]

There were lots of good ideas. But eating is also important for our life so, next up is a restaurant revew.

Do you know a good restaurant in Machida?

Yes, I live in Machida. I’ll tell you about restaurant. I like almost everyday I don’t have much money, so I need a restaurant which is cheap and ofcourse has good food, makes me full, and where I can stay a long time. I always go to La pausa which is an Italian restaurant. You can find this restaurant in many. All dishes taste so nice. And they are cheap:especially the pizza and pasta. You can eat these for 600 yen. There are about 20 kinds of pizza and pasta. My recommendation is margerita. Which is 400 yen. It’s so simple tomato and cheese pizza. But there is lots of melty cheese. I love it. And the cream source past with smoke salmon is also good. I recommend to go with your friends, girlfrien or boyfriend. Because inside is calm and fassionable. There are not so many people you can relax and talk a lot. It’s like saizeria, but better.

I really want to go!!

Me too!!

Let’s go!!

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