My Culture

Bowing is a Japanese traditional custom. I really like it because it is useful and pleasant when someone bows to me. I think bow has many meaning in each situation. For example, when we are greeting, it means “nice to meet you”, when we bow for boss or elder people, it means “respect” and in sports, we also often bow, we bow for “acclaim” each other. I like this way the most. In soccer game we bow each other before and after the game, before the game, bow means “nice to meet you and has a good game” and after the game, it means “good game and thank you”. Some team players often bow for field too, before they go in to the field, it means “please keep an eye on our game”. Bow is really casual custom but really polite. I feel pride about it.

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  1. Azumi says:

    Hi, Reiko!
    I haven’t thought about bow, but bow has a lot of meaning and situation.
    So when I bow from now on, I try to think deeply.

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