Responsibility position

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     Have you heard the word “First-graders problem”? Recently, many first-graders don’t follow teachers’ instructions, and the lesson can’t start and going smoothly. Why does this problem occur? Someone said that this problem caused by “Yutori-kyoiku.” But I don’t think so. If children are trained by their parents before they enter school, such a problem won’t occur. I believe that parents of young children have obligations to their children.

     Many parents make mistakes in training their children. When I work part-time at pharmacy, I often come across strange parents. For example, I often see a mother saying “You will be scolded by clerk!” to her child who does bad thing. I think this is really strange. Training child is parents’ duty. It is NOT my job. Supporting child care is important thing, but if parents are trying to shift the responsibility onto other person like this example, they are making a big mistake. They are lacking in a sense of maternal or paternal responsibility.

     If parents don’t train their children by themselves, their children can’t understand right and wrong. Then they could be problem children in school. That is really sad thing. So, I’d like young children’s parents to realize that they have responsibility.

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