I believe in power of the music

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 Do you believe in power of the music? I believe music can cure illness.

 Resently, many hospitals and therapists are using music therapy to help sick people. The famous Greek mathematician, Pythagoras said, “music can heal the disorder of a perosn’s spirit.” I think this is true.

   For example, have you heard of the ‘Mozart effect’? The music of Mozart is effective because it includes high frequency which helps a living body functions. In particular, it has frequencies more than 3,500Hz. This helps the brain classical music is an effective musical therapy.

 Also music therapy helps autism. Moreover, it extends cancer patient’s life and helps sleeplessness. Finally, I think that music is important because I can relax when I listen to music. And it is comfortable. I hope sick people recovers with it.

 This is why I believe in the power of music.

2 Responses to “I believe in power of the music”

  1. wanghe says:

    Hello, Kaho.
    Your pic catched me.
    And, I love your idea.
    I like listening to music, too. And, who not?
    In fact, if we let the plants listen to classic music, they can grow healthy than before.
    I really believe what you believe.

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