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Hello. My name is Kyaw Kyaw Lin. But I think you can not pronounce my name correctly. So call me lin. It is OK :p . 

I was born in Myanmar. I came to Japan about three years ago. Now I am studying  Business Management in Oberlin University. I am interested in learning language. But I am not fluent in either Japanese nor English. I have studied English since I was 3 and when I went to university in Myanmar, I studied all subjects in English. But I have forgotten all after I studied Japanese for three years. ZENNEN  :c . So let’s try together friends to improve our English. Wayyyyy!

2 Responses to “Hi Hi”

  1. cansu says:

    Hi Lin; I`m Cansu and I`m from Istanbul in Turkey. I am 20 years old.
    I am a student. I am studying architecture in Cyprus. I love sport and i play volleyball. In this time i learn English and i want to develop my English so i want we will speak English.

    Take Care

  2. Lin says:

    Hello Cansu. Thanks a lot for reading my post and comment. I am really surprised to know a guy from Istanbul. I know a little about Istanbul, the great city of architecture. And I have a dream to visit to Istanbul one day. Let’s see Cansu in that day.

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