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Hi =) My name is Momoko. Please call me Momo.My bunny’s name is Moni. Moni means love in Hawaii.


I was born and brought up in Yamanashi, so I was surrounded by mountains and saw Mt.Fuji everyday. I used to live in California when I was 5-12. I love California because it has great weather, food, and friends. I really wanna go back there!!


My characteristic is very active. I don’t like staying at home. I love to go shopping at Shibuya 109 and also going to concerts and events. I go at least 3times a month. My favorite singer is Jin Akanishi from KAT-TUN. I will be going to LA to see his show in June.


I sometimes work as a cast in movies and dramas. Last year I was in “Orutorosu no inu”, “hidamari no basho”,”BECK”,”Hanamizuki” etc. But it’s only a “Choi yaku” But I enjoy watching the filming and sometimes we get to talk to actors and actresses so it’s very exciting.

 Thank you !!


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  1. cansu says:

    Hi Momo ; I`m Cansu and I`m from Istanbul in Turkey. I am 20 years old.
    I am a student. I am studying architecture in Cyprus. I love sport and i play volleyball. In this time i learn English and i want to develop my English so i want we will speak English.

    Take Care

  2. gizem :))) says:

    Hi :))
    my name is Gizem and you can call me Jizim because it is too hard to say my name and my foreing friends call me jizim.

    I m from North Cyprus and I m Cypriot girl.I m 18 years old.I m university student.

    my hobbies are listen to music, plates and ofcourse dance. Dance is my life i can t think without dance in my life because i feel free and relax myself.

    I m very hyperactive. i don t like staying at home and doing nothing.i like to try to do new thing new hobbies.

    i want to learn more information about you..

    i hope to hear from you soon..


  3. momo says:

    Dear Cansu:

    thank you for your comment =)
    I heard of Istanbul. What is it like there?
    MY city is fun and attractive!!!!
    Have you ever been to Japan? or any other countries?

    I hope we can speak English from now on !!!

  4. momo says:

    Dear Jizim:

    Thank you for your comment =)

    What kind of music do you like?
    Do you have any favorite artists?
    My favorite artist in the US is Avril Lavigne.

    I used to do dance too!!!!!
    I was in a songleading team in university,
    and also did ballet when I was small.
    Are you in any dance teams?

    I hope to heard from you soon too xp

  5. gizem says:

    :)) generally i listen soft rock or rock :))
    i like evanescense and sebnem ferah in turkey maybe you know them :)
    i like too avril she is sweet
    yes i have a 2 dance team first one in school folkdance second one is real team which i dance and learn.
    i like tango salsa and folkdance but im professional just folkdance :)

    nice 2 meet you again

    take care

    see yo:))

  6. gizem says:

    hi :)

    what i nice too read you message again :))

    it is the 4th i write you message 😀 because i forgot to write my name and mail and when i send message it gave error me 😀 i hope it is okey now 😀

    i like all kind of music however i like to listen rock always.

    my favourite singers evancesce and sebnem ferah

    do you know her? she is more popular in turkey..

    i love different kind of dance however i m professional at folkdance in cyprus.

    i have got 2 team first one is school team second one is where i learn to folkdance :) it is real team :)

    i started to dance when i was 14-15

    take care

    nice too meet you again
    c u

    have you got mouse?

    is it hamster?

  7. gizem says:

    hi again:)

    this is the 5th time i wrote you message but it isnt save..:D 😀
    i like all music which sound noise nice 😀 generally i like soft rock and rock

    my favorite singers evanescence and sebnem ferah :) sebnem ferah is more popular in turkey do you know her ??

    dance is my lifee 😀

    i have 2 group

    school team and real team which is the i learn dance its real team

    i like different kind of dance salsa bachata tango but im professional just folkdance..:)

    nice too meet you again:)

    take care …

    do you have mouse ??

    is it hamster?? :d

  8. cansu says:

    Hello Momo;
    Thank you for your comment=)
    My city is wonderful. I advise you should see Istanbul.
    I haven`t been in Japan but i went to other countries. I went to Germany,Czech Republic,Hungary,Tunusia,Austria and Cyprus =)
    I love to visit and i hope i will see a lot of country.

    By the way i love animals. I have got a dog and a cat.
    I wait your comment.

    Take Care

  9. momo says:

    Dear Gizem:

    I don’t know evanescence nor sebnem ferah, but I would like to listen to them =)

    I once learned salsa in school in America.
    It was really fun !!!

    It’s amazing that you are an professional in folkdance
    I’d like to see it one day xp
    What’s your teams name??

    I don’t have a hamster but I used to have many
    when I was in Elementary school
    I love animals !!!!
    Do you have any pets?

  10. momo says:

    Dear Cansu:

    I hope I can go to Istanbul one day.
    What language do you speak there?
    I need to learn a little before I go =)

    You’ve been to many countries!!!
    I want to go to Germany too!!!
    How was Germany??
    I hope you can come to Japan one day
    It is a really great country=)

    I love animals too.
    Whats your dog and cat’s name?
    I used to have a hamster but now I only have a bunny.

  11. gizem says:

    i wish you would one day watch us :)))

    its turkish name GAZimagusa halk danslari belediyesi :))) i thnk yoou dont understad 😀

    i love animals 2

    i have 2 birds

    3 dogs :))))

    have you got facebook ?

  12. momo says:

    dear Gizem:

    do you have any movies up on youtube??

    That’s a long name!!
    Do you speak turkish?

    3 dogs is amazing!!
    I want one too =)

    I have facebook!!
    do you have one too?

    I heard that your final exam is comming up soon.
    I hope you do well, Good luck!!!

  13. gizem says:

    yes we have any movies but i dont know their name
    i passed my all exam finally :) and im relax now :))))
    i have facebook if you add me i will be happy :))
    gizem kemaneciler

    see you

    i will wait your message :)

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