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Hi, welcome to our show! This is Yuri. I’m Misato. my name is Akane. We will introduce a short  essay, I believe, by one of our classmates called Momoko and we also have a survey about how to have a good life and learnt a few things. We hope you enjoy this show!

Ok Misato, which do you want to do first?

Let’s start with Momoko’s I believe ok?

Momoko believes in faith. Check it out!!

<Momoko’s I believe>

What do you think about her opinion, Akane?

I agree with Momoko’s opinion because if you don’t have faith in your friends or family, you have to live alone without anyone’s help.

That’s true! Momoko’s I believe taught us faith is important in our life.

Ok, next!! Let’s talk about our survey!

We asked 12 people 6 students and 6 teachers about having a good life.

We asked them 5 questions and answered 1-10. On the whole, average of teacher’s score was 8.6 and students’ score was 5.3. We picked out some interesting answers.

Well, did you find an interesting answer from this survey, Yuri?

Yeah. I asked, what is the biggest event in your life? Teachers have bigger  events than students.

Oh really. What kind of events?

For example, 2 teachers got married and became a father or a mother.

That’s really the biggest event!

I think teachers have lived longer than students, so we found differences between teachers and students.

That’s an interesting answer. What about you, Misato? Did you find some interesting answers?

Yes I did. The question was, do you try to see good in others?

What did you find?

I always see bad points when I talk with others, but one of the students always tries to see good in others.


Well, at first the student finds bad points, and hates them. But, the next day she forgets about the bad points and she tries to be a good friend with them.

Wow! It’s a good idea!

So, I thought I should follow her example.

I hope you’ll get along with everyone and have a good life.

By the way, do you like to communicate with others?

Yes. Oh speaking of communicate, there was an interesting result. We asked them, do you like to communicate with others? And everyone said yes!

Oh really? It is a delightful news!!

How was today’s show, Yuri?

Oh, it was interesting. I have never surveyed something before, so it was good experience for me.

And you, Akane?

We could get interesting answers, so I enjoyed this show.

Well, we hope you enjoy our show.

Thank you for listening! Bye!!!!

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