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Me believing in two religions

Friday, June 27th, 2008


I was born in Laos. Many Laotians are buddist. But for me, I think I believe in Buddism and Christianity.

Believing in two religions is not a problem for me, because I can learn the good points from each religion. I do believe in Buddism same as my parents. We always went to the temple to pray on new year day. We payed our respects and pray to Budda images at the temple, and we also have one at home. So, we can pray by ourself at home when we dont have time. But, I also believe in Christianity. The reason why i can say that i believe in Christianity is when I was a child I sometimes went to church on Sunday to pray, and also went to celebrate Christmas every year. Beside, everytime when I wish things to become true, I always pray and look up to the sky and say ” PLEASE” . Which means ” God please help me”, and it always comes true.

International festivals

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Our team look at festivals around the world: in Laos, Germany and America. There’s some great sound effects too!

Worksheet – world festivals

Transcripts (more…)

hi, everybody

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

hello, everybody how are you guys doing ?
well, last week we had the nomikai at machida, there were only 6 of us, but it was really fun.
nobody got drunk, and nothing bad happened.

Anyway, how is your podcast going? are you guys working hard on it ?
lets try hard on it and make our best podcast.

If anybody have a good ideas please share with us please.
i will be very appreciated.
Take care,

Laos Culture

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

In Laos, there are many festivals every year. The biggest festival, and everybody is waitting for, is called SONG KARN (water festival).
The festival lasts three days. The first of the three days is the last day of the old year. Houses and villages are  cleaned properly on the first day. Perfume, water and flowers are also prepared for the Lao New Year. Water is used for washing homes, Buddha images, monks, and soaking friends and passers by. Students first repectfully pour water on their elders, teachers, then monks for their blessings for peace long life, and last of all they throw water to each other. The water is perfumed with flowers or natural perfumes. Some people prefer flowers in the water to give a pleasant smell, as well as adding perfume. Many people enjoy soaking water on Buddha images at the temple. Parents prepare traditional food such as: fried chicken, bamboo soup, green papaya salad and beer (beer lao). So most people in Laos enjoy having the traditional food, beer, soaking each other and passers by with water.

Interview – Lesson 2

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Here is the first mini-pod by T and Reiko. Well done everyone today and remember next week we are going to do Obirin Campus News as our new topic. Get thinking!

In class, we worked on making good questions, the flow of the interview, using the Tell me about… technique. We also talked about framing your interview – introducing the interview in an interesting way.