I believe in fate

I will be 20 years old this year. Its considered to be adult in Japan. I have lived by now without big matter.

Sometimes, I think all of my life is fate. I was born in Tokyo, and now I am university student. I have a great family and relative. I have met many people by now. All of them gave me some influence. I think all of things is an accident, but it is fate. I have impressed apecific news, music, scenecy and of course people. Its because of I was born in this generation.

“Ichigoichie(????)” is compound word. That means everything as if it were a once in a lifetime chance. It is my favorite word and I always keep my side. I meet someone, and possibly I will never have meet again. I think all encounter is fate, So I want to feel precious.



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  1. Damon says:

    ‘Ichigoichie’ sounds a very positive saying. But if everything is fate then we have no free will right?

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