Where do you go on a date?

Our team here focuses on dating. They have some interesting ideas on what to do on a date. Why don’t you check out their podcast and leave some comments.

Worksheet – entertainment


English?Extension A Communication project





Hello everyone. This is Obirin podcast. Our theme is entertainment. Recently most students sre busy doing home work and working part time so they need some relaxsation to reflesh their minds. We have three pieces one is discussion next is interview and the last is survey.




Where do you often go out with your friends, Mio?

Whell …I often go to Shibuya and Harajuku and so on, because there are too many stores, so we can get anything easyer than another places. But, I think there are always clowding. I don’t like it. How about you, Yuta?

I often go to Koenji to do some shopping when I have free time. One of my favorite shop is Zool which sells used clothing. How much money do you bring when you go out, Aya?

Before I go shoping. I take out 50,000 yen and I spend it all.

That’s too much!!! That’s terrible for your boyfriend!! Well … what is Yuta’s plan for a date?

My ideal date plan is to hang out in Koenji or Harajuku and after that, go for a dinner in Aoyama or somewhere. Let’s ask some other students for more information.




As we said, today, we are gonna talk about entertainment and our topics are where people go often with, how much money do you bring when you go out, and what is your ideal date. Let’s ask some other students!!!




Where do you go on holiday?

Ah- I often go to Machida is near my school so I like Starbucks coffee. So in Machida, I often go to Starbucks coffee.

How, how much money do you bring?

Mm- I always bring about 5,000 yen because if I have 5,000 yen, I can eat any food, and buy cloths or something. So I think 5,000 yen is enough to bring to shopping.

Okay, thank you. The last question is what is your ideal date plan?

Ideal date? Ideal date is of course first go to lunch or dinner and then I like Starbucks. Then go to Starbucks coffee and maybe there are there is there are lot of time to go everywhere so first go to park to walk around or, and then go… out for dinner, maybe not so expensive I recommed. And then go to see night view which is very beautiful place in Yokohama. That’s all.




Where do you go out with your friends?

I usually spent holiday by myself I really go shopping, but go to have coffee at café, and I’m just lostvthings thought there! Or if there is a wireless run I take my laptop with me and have chats with my friends on the internet.

How much money do you bring when you go out?

Uh…It depends on what I’m going to do. When I shopping or hung out with my friends, I take 10.000 yen at most, and when I have no porpus I take 2,000yen for the transportation and coffee at least.

What is your idel date?

As soon as I meet after lunch, go over to Odaiba and see the statue of liberty, and have fun at Joy Police at amusement park. In the case, it rains ride on the merry-go-round over and over again.




There are many choices of places to go on a date. You know, Tokyo Disney Land,  Yokohama, and Odaiba. These are popular place to go.

The 5th is park. 4 points.

The 4th is fireworks 7 points.

The 3rd is home 8 points.

The 2nd is Yokohama 10 points.

The 1st is…Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea 14 points.

And we got minority opinions you know Harajuku, beach, Kamakura, Odaiba and so on.

How was it? To be refreshed is very important for you. And you should keep your mind, money, and time. Of course you are students so you should go to school and stay hard.

Thank you for listening to our podcast and see you next time!!


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