This team has focused on the difficult topic of culture. They have some interesting interviews with RJ students and teachers, and then they finish with a short discussion.

Worksheet and Answers


Interview with Paul

Hi there!! What is the biggest difference you noticed between your culture and Japanese culture??

Well…I do not know this is biggest culture are many things are very different but I think food is very different. Of course the actual food is… know I’m English so English meal is of course very different and Japanese meal.?But I think people’s attitude and ideas about food are very different. In Japan people share food share dishes together and also food is very very important people go on trips to places to eat food. People very sensitive about difference of food. In Britain you have your own dish, you have all of food around plate. Of course it’s rude take food from somebody else’s plate are actually really rude. That’s not good right?? So, that’s took a little when I came to Japan took a little bit get use to I had get taking food from different plate. And people eat in what good food in England but really food is not so as important as in Japan. Japanese food is much more important. People in England just want to eat something and get energy and going to something right?? That’s important. In the Britain you know not so………attitude and feeling about food are very different I think much food much more important in Japan. Even British people eat more food.


Now, we share our opinion.
I thought all the opinions are really interesting. Above all, I really agree with Stacie’s opinion because when I was in the US, I thought the same. In Japan people are polite especially salesclerk. Japanese people always smile and speak politely but they are not so friendly usually. In the US, salesclerk? are not polite they often don’t say anything but American people are really friendly. When I rode a bus, People often said hi and began conversations. They were so friendly. No way does this happen in Japan especially recently.
What do you think Naoki??

In my case, Paul’s interview was interesting. Now that he mentions it. Eating is very important, but I didn’t think that before I heard him.?So I realized eating is really important for Japanese people and we can share dishes means we have good relationships. What do you think Tomomi??

I sympathize with kimee’s opinion about the differences between cultures. Compared with overseas people , Japanese don’t express their opinions as much. This is a feature the Japanese culture for a long time. And I’m sure this Japanese culture includes consideration and report for others. On the other hand, I think it’s important to express clearly one’s opinion.

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