Old love cultures :)

Today, I would like to tell you about old love cultures! I’m really interesting in the Edo period ! because I took an amazing Japanese history class.There are lots of funny cultures.

In the Edo period, a monk, hikeshi(kind of fireman) and Sumo wrestler is the most populer jobs for guys because they can get a lot of attention from women 😉 If you associated with a monk, it’s like you’re a student and are seeing a teacher. It was against the rule, but also there are lots of thrill;D LOL  I hered that monk play around with women still now :( In this time the women could’n t see sumo games so they admired the wrestler. And people also thought Hikeshi is cool because they looks strong and fashionable.

So, which one do you like the best ? 😀 haha

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  1. Azumi says:

    Hi, Megumi!
    I don’t know about Edo cultures because I hate history, so I’m glad to read your sentenses.
    Individually, I like right picture! He is A LITTLE cool, isn’t he? haha

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