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January 1th, this is new years day. People all of the world celebrate this day. In japan, most of people gose to temple to pray their hope and say a target of one year.

In my family, we have been to “Taishakuten” sinceĀ  I was a baby. Tishakuten is very old temple. it is at sibamata. In there, iI pray “please geive me a good year, too.” and drow a written fortune. I drew good luck this year. After that, I eat dinner with my family, grandparents,uncle, aunt and cousin at grandparent house. Menu of dinner is “Osechi” and “Ozouni” . My grandmother is good cooker. So it is very good. After dinner, I give new years gift and play “shakuninn-isshu”. It is card game that be passed down from past and very exciting game. I like it . but I’m not good at it. In this way , my family spend on new years day. I’m looking forward to next this day.

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  1. Mori Yuka says:

    Hi Mamiko!!
    In new years day, is there crouded in “Taishakuten” temple??
    In my case, I have been to “Okunitama” temple in Fuchu. There are a lot of people and make a line. So I have to wait to pray long time(><)
    You do “Hyakuninn-isshu”. It sounds great!! It is difficult to me. Shall we do it next new years day?
    Anyway, I love Japanese new years day and I’m looking foward that day too.
    Thank you??

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